Thursday, September 07, 2006

Young Poets

This is what has made my heart full today. How can you see the world as bad when there are young children writing poetry like this? It's from a local organization's, Powerful Schools, free poetry class. Powerful Schools provides free after school classes in a handful of schools down in South Seattle (where we live) where the kids are more "in need" of free programs like this. How lucky we are, truly.

I took off the kid's names for the sake of their privacy.

Vowels: A,E,I,O,U and Sometimes Y

The sound that
comes out and
makes an apple.

The shape of the
end of a rake.

The letter that
switches around and
makes an H.

The mouth of yours
which opens and shuts.

The symbol
of the smile
on your face
(or a frown that
makes you feel down.)

The two fingers
you use
to make a
funny bunny’s

My Dog Sky

My little dog is named Sky. People
say he is shaky as a wire
but I don’t care. They say he isn’t
one speck of silver, but a speck
of dirt, but I don’t care. They
say if the sun was to come
today it would burn all the dirt
off him, but I say “good,” and
“I don’t care, he needed a bath anyway.”
They say if it snowed, he wouldn’t dare
to shiver because all the
dirt would keep him warm.
They say he is dark, is a
night time sky, but I don’t
care; they say he is crazy
just like the people on the
road trying to get through
traffic last Sunday. But
I don’t care because
I love my dog and
I always will.

Feminist Peace Network