Friday, August 25, 2006

"What's a feminist" follow-up!

Feminists for Life are still pushing the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pregnant and Parenting Services Act of 2005.

Basically they want federal money to subsidize campus centers around the country that, under the guise of "providing services for pregnant and parenting students" actually give them incomplete information, espouse a pro-life perspective and get women to either parent or put their child up for adoption. This is what the Feminists for Life web site says about the topic of pregnancy on campus:

“Schools can talk about everything else in orientation, classes and the student newspaper—drinking, drugs, rohypnol, sexual assault, STDs, domestic violence and gay rights—but they never bring up pregnancy. When a woman doesn't see anyone else succeeding as a student parent, she assumes that the administration won't support her. Most often the clinic automatically refers her to an abortion clinic. There is a better way.”

Oh, it's a fantastic idea to include how easy and wonderful it can be to become a student parent at age 18. And, the last line says it all. Of course the ultimate purpose of these "centers" is to steer women away from abortion and be clear that they really have only two "choices" - parenting or adoption.


notakitten said...

could it be possible that some women find it difficult to return to school after having a baby? Wouldn't it be on the feminist agenda to support women who are trying to raise little feminists AND get an education at the same time? I am pro-choice, and a crazy feminist, and I chose to have my children...boy would I appreciate having some support while I finish up my last year in undergrad studies. It seems like some groups put women into a corner of being either pro-choice OR a feminist...sorry, we are not all...

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