Thursday, February 22, 2007

Talk for Planned Parenthood

This is great and straight from LifeNews (antis) but I had no idea! Sometimes ya get yer news from the strangest places...

Planned Parenthood Launches Nationwide Pro-Abortion Cell Phone

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 21, 2007

Washington, DC ( -- The nation's largest abortion
has started a new wireless communications system partnering with
long-time pro-abortion long-distance carrier. Planned
Parenthood's new
cell phone service will allow pro-abortion activists to not only
calls but get action alerts from the organization.
Planned Parenthood Wireless is a new affinity program that
allows its
supporters to sign up for a mobile phone service and see 10% of
monthly bill go back to the abortion business.
The pro-abortion group will also use customers' monthly bills to
include action alerts and information and will provide 30 free
of calls every month to encourage its members to talk to friends
abortion issues.
"Planned Parenthood members care passionately about women's
reproductive health and rights," Cecile Richards, PPFA president
said in
a statement received. "Now they have a smart,
simple way
to support our work and express that passion with every phone
call they
make, through a wireless service provider that cares."
The service is handled exclusively by Working Assets, a company
exists to sell phone service to left-wing political activists
who want
to see their favorite groups supported. It has provided
phone services for Planned Parenthood for years.
Like many other affinity phone service companies, Working Assets
contracts with a larger phone company (in this case Sprint) to
telephone access to its customers.
In fact, the two companies partnered to generate phone calls to
Dakota residents urging them to defeat a statewide abortion ban
on the
ballot last November.
Customers who sign up will also get pro-abortion text messages
Planned Parenthood. New customers keep their current cell phone
and can get a free phone for signing up.
Not to be outdone, the pro-life side of the abortion debate also
companies that provide telephone service.
The Missouri-based Pro Life Communications offers long-distance,
telephone, nationwide cellular, Internet, and will soon be adding
satellite television to its lineup. The company says it donates
all of
its profits to pro-life organizations, which is currently about
15% of
the monthly bill customers pay.
Joseph Dalton, the head of the company, says it only contracts
networks and providers that do not support Planned Parenthood or
pro-abortion groups.
Another company, Amerivision Communications, has been working
pro-life groups for many years to provide them with affinity
long-distance services for their members. Also known as LifeLine
Communications or Affinity 4, the company offers Internet
services as
well as wireless communications, credit cards, and DirecTV
The company gives 10% of the monthly usage bill back to the
organization of the customer's choice and has contributed more
than $75
million to Christian and pro-life groups.
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Pro-Life Communications - Affinity 4

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GrannyGrump said...

You'd think that just enlightened self-interest would be enough to keep women away from Planned Parenthood. "Here! A referral to an abortion provider who lets women bleed to death unattended in the recovery room! Best of luck to you!"

GrannyGrump said...

Oops! Wrong link on my clipboard! Here are the women and girls PP sent to their graves.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what would happen if someone with "pro-choice" long distance or cellphone service tried to call someone with "pro-life" service. Would the call even be connected, or would they get some sort of "incompatible ideology" error message?

Maybe this might be an oppertunity for a "Common Ground" telephone service which might promise to connect at least moderate "pro-choice" and "pro-life" subscribers with a percentage of fees going to prevent unintended pregnancies and provide prenatal and well baby care.

Even if it doesn't happen, it's kind of nice and funny to think about, huh?

southern students for choice - Waco

Anonymous said...


Feminist Peace Network